Sunday, February 16, 2014

Look for Innovative Features when Buying Golf Carts in Fort Myers

Golf carts equipped with seatbelts, headlights, and comfy seats are critical to safety and comfort. Some cart models even come with additional comfort and safety features like air conditioning systems and GPS. The latter is actually an integral part to SMART and FM IRG’s driverless golf cart.

However, some people may consider the fuel used by the golf cart to be its biggest selling point. In general, golf carts are either gas- or electric-powered, and both of them have their own pros and cons. Gas-powered golf carts usually have longer range and can perform better in rough terrain, like hills and bunkers in a golf course, although they’re costlier to maintain. Meanwhile, electric carts are the exact opposite, plus with the added benefit of being more quiet to operate. Both types are typically found in golf carts for sale in Fort Myers and other places in Florida.

Friday, February 14, 2014

In Some Ways, Fort Myers Golf Carts Are Much Better than Automobiles

The appeal of these small vehicles is understandable: golf carts are smaller and take up less parking space, while their electric motors make them a “greener” alternative to most other vehicle engines used today. If the idea clicked in with the rest of Florida, there may come a time where a commute to work involves riding an electric ACG TSport bought from Fort Myers golf carts retailers like A Plus Carts. At present though, golf carts in Florida can only be driven in designated roads, not in all streets and highways in the state.

Still, the potential is there: electric golf carts are generally less costly to operate since they run on batteries, which can be recharged on a household socket or a special generator. This is one reason why the Santa Rosa Island Authority wishes to use them as a beach-cleaning and maintenance vehicle because they’re cheaper than the oil-powered ATVs they currently use.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Safety and Energy Efficiency: Key Factors for Fort Myers Golf Carts

Local residents need to ensure that the above essential features are duly installed before they can enjoy the use of their street-legal golf carts. Non-compliant golf cart owners may face non-criminal traffic violations. For those in need of quality golf carts in Fort Myers, it therefore makes sense to get in touch with companies like A Plus Carts and Parts that not only sell fully equipped and affordable golf carts but also specialize in cart maintenance, customization, and rentals.

Meanwhile, for drivers who still find new golf carts a little too pricey, the option to acquire used golf carts in Fort Myers is another suitable alternative. Golf carts for rent are also another option worth considering, especially for tourists as well as those who wish to try out this transport method for a short time before committing to a purchase. In any case, golf cart owners would do well to drive responsibly and to comply with all regulations pertaining to the use of golf carts in the state.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Legal Use of Fort Myers Golf Carts: Beneficial Beyond the Course

This move means that more people will be able to take advantage of the exceptional fuel efficiency golf carts have to offer, as well as the minimum driving and parking space requirements. However, golf cart operators still need to observe proper road rules and practice discipline while behind the wheel. Those aspiring to drive golf carts quite often must make sure their vehicles are equipped with the necessary features like headlights and turn signals, and are fully certified to be safe.

Some locally owned and operated companies like A Plus Carts & Parts specialize in the sale of new and used carts, as well as leasing and customization services. Consumers would do well to work with a Fort Myers golf carts company that makes it easy to own a fully equipped, high-quality golf cart at a reasonable price.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Golf Carts in Fort Myers: Understanding LSVs and Their Many Advantages

"An LSV saves you money. Since these vehicles use electricity for all or part of their power, they are less costly to operate. You can also earn federal tax credits if you purchase qualified LSVs. In terms of saving the environment, LSVs significantly reduce carbon emissions, even if they use electricity primarily generated from coal. If you’re in the market for an LSV, visit dealers of golf carts for sale in Fort Myers like A Plus Carts & Parts, which serve as a one-stop shop for all your LSV needs. They offer new and used LSVs, LSV rentals, and LSV maintenance, repair, and customization services."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fort Myers Golf Carts: Tips on Choosing the Ideal Cart for Your Game

"How will you use it? Consider where and when you plan to use your cart. If you intend to use it solely on the golf course, a standard golf cart is sure to suffice. However, if you plan on carrying heavy loads or driving through hilly terrain regularly, a customized or fabricated cart would be a better fit. Where to look? When choosing the ideal golf cart, it’s a good idea to visit a dealer of golf carts in Ft. Myers, FL that presents you with many options. Dealers like A Plus Carts & Parts are your one-stop shop for all your needs—you can count on them for new, used, rental, and customized golf carts."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Need for Speed: Various Possibilities for Golf Carts in Fort Myers

The fact that golf carts reach an average maximum speed of 25mph makes it easier to prevent vehicular accidents with proper use. In communities that use golf carts on a regular basis, residents reportedly enjoy a better quality of life and experience a boost to the local economy due to the unique dynamic this transportation method offers. Plans to integrate golf carts in Fort Myers and other cities can only benefit the majority of residents.